Alfred Lichter


After many years of searching for the "essence of art", the "Capriccios" helped me come closer to reaching this goal, while at the same time remaining in harmony with all of my sensibilities Nature and chance played the leading roles in the work that resulted. It seemed as if I were the partner and assistant of a higher power.
Objects of great intensity and luminance emerged, in the paintings as well as the sculptures.
I felt as if a window was opening. A window to a spiritual world. A world opposed or parallel to our present real one. A world in which, contrary to the material world, opposites do not fight and obliterate, but complement and enhance one another. This is a reality, for example, in art, music, abstract painting, poetry etc.

It gives me great satisfaction to be able to spend the last years of my earthly pilgrimage working on this positive aspect of art, in particular because I am now able to keep the window to the spiritual world open all the time. The problems of the real material world recede into the background My desire for an even deeper connection to the "essential" led me to the "Letters to Godot".
They allow me to address the "Great Unknown" directly through painting and sculpture. This process is ongoing.
The result and the end remain to be seen.

Vierter Brief an Godot-2010-116x356

  Achter Brief an Godot-2010-116x356

Neunter Brief an Godot-2010-116x356

  Fünftzehnter Brief an Godot-2010-356x116

Sechzehnter Brief an Godot-2010-356x116

  21.Brief an Godot-2012-116x365