The painter and sculptor Alfred Lichter, born in 1917, has been living and working in Mallorca for almost 30 years.

Alfred Lichter died at the age of 95 years on November 1, 2012 in Alaró, Mallorca.


In Search of “Pure Art”

Seen from the vantage point of the present, I have always been trying to come as close as possible to the "unexplainable", the essence of pure art, through painting.

Kandinsky's 'Dreamlike improvisations' provided me my first great encounter with art when I was twelve years old. It has never lost its intensity for me.

Despite many experiments and changes in style, I came no closer to my subconscious goal: "pure art". In a catalogue I found August Strindberg's essay "On Accident in Artistic Creation". A revelation for me!

What I found described there was exactly the kind of art I had always been searching for and which had fallen into my lap now, a gift of providence. Toward the end of a longlife, I consider it a privilege to be accepted into the service of the kind of art which disregards any personal vanity, and validates only the final outcome.


Capriccio is the result of my lifelong search for the essence of art.
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Capriccio is the name for an artistic approach that places special emphasis on nature’s inexhaustible energies and the logic of chance.
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Art is the mediator between God and our soul.
Giovanni Segantini

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